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Strymon Ola Chorus & Vibrato
Strymon Ola Chorus & Vibrato
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Strymon Ola Chorus & Vibrato

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Strymon Ola gives you chorus and vibrato sounds in one package with a lot of control over the parameters of the effect. Strymon has taken digital modelling to a new level in chorus effects.

  • Controls:
    Speed: Sets the modulation speed.
    Depth: Sets the modulation depth.
    Tone: Controls the tone of the effected signal. Neutral at 12 o'clock, treble boost at 5 o'clock and treble cut at 7 o'clock.
    Mix: Controls the relationship between dry and effected signal. Dry signal is kept 100% analog.
    Ramp Speed / Env Sens: Sets the ramp speed in Ramp model. The effect gets faster quicker towards 5 o'clock. In Env mode this control dictates how sensitive the Ola is to your playing dymanics. Gets more sensitive towards 5 o'clock.
    Type Switch: 3-position switch to choose between different effect types.
    Single: traditional single-line chorus.
    Multi: studio multichorus with three delay lines.
    Vibrato: Vintage vibrato sound.
    Mode Switch: Allows you to choose between three operation modes.
    Norm: Normal effect that turns on and off.
    Env: In this mode the modulation is reactive to your playing dynamics.
    Ramp: In this mode the modulation gets faster as Bypass switch is pressed down.
    Stereo inputs and outputs.
    Favorite switch:
    Saves your favorite settings.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9 VDC centre negative, 250 mA. Power supply included with the pedal.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA