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Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay V2
Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay V2
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay V2

Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay V2

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Strymon Dig antaa gives you a selection of different digital delaysounds, starting from early 1980's rack delay sounds and ending up to modern 24-bit 96 kHz sounds. Two synchronized delay lines. You can get syncopated delay patterns as well as ambient-like soundscapes out of the Dig. New V2 version has a host of updates in control and technology. 

  • Controls:
    Time: Sets the delay time for Delay 1 and also works as a master control for both delay lines. Delay time range 20 ms - 1,6 seconds. Delay time can also be controlled with the tap tempo footswitch.
    Time 2:
    Sets the rhythmic subdivision between Delay 1 and Delay 2. Options are: Triplet, Eighth, Golden Ratio, Dotted Eighth and Dotted Quarter.
    Repeats: Sets the number of repeats for both delay lines.
    Mix: Sets the mix between the dry and effected signal for Delay 1. Range 0-100% wet.
    Mix 2: Sets the mix between the dry and effected signal for Delay 2. Range 0-100% wet.
    Mod Switch: Three-position switch to choose the desired modulation depth. Options are: Off, Light and Deep.
    Type Switch: Three-position switch to choose the desired delay sounds. Options are: 24/96 (modern high-resolution delay), ADM (Early 1980's rack delay sound), 12 bit (Mid 1980's 12-bit digital delay sound, which is darker and warmer than the other options.
     a dedicated Tone knob has been added to add extra versatility to the original design.
    Tap Tempo footswitch.
    Stereo in and out (Input with a TRS cable).
    Expression pedal input.
  • Secondary controls (activated when both Tap and Bypass are pressed down simultaneously):
    Delay 1 Subdivision (Under Time control):
    Valitsee tap tempon subdivision for Delay 1. Options are: Dotted Eighth, Quarter Note and Half Note.
    Sync/Free Mode (Under Time 2 control): Chooses if Delay 2 is synchronized with Delay 1 or not. If sync is not selected, Time 2 can be used freely to set the delay time between range 20 ms-1,6 seconds.
    Delay 2 Repeats (Under Repeats control): Sets the number of repeats for Delay 2. Turn this control to 5 o'clock if you want to have the same number of repeats as Delay 1 has in use.
    Config (Under Mix 2 control): Sets the delay routing. Options are: Series, Ping Pong and Parallel.
    Filter (under Mix control): Sets the desired filtering for delay repeats. Options are: High Cut, Flat and Low Cut.
  • Power Requirements: 2,1mm 9 VDC centre negative power supply, 250 mA. Power supply included.
  • True Bypass or buffered bypass (user configurable)
  • Made in USA

New features in V2:

  • Full MIDI control, including MIDI clock sync and access to 300 presets via MIDI.
  • USB-C included as standard on each unit for MIDI-over-USB and firmware updates, which allows bi-directional MIDI communication with a single cable using Strymon’s Conduit interface. There will also be free editor/librarian support through the USB connectivity. The editor/librarian software is due to be launched in August 2022.
  • TRS full stereo inputs and a MONO/STEREO input switch on the back of the unit; a major improvement and much more convenient than having to take apart the pedal to change the internal physical jumper position as on the originals
  • All V2 models also now feature a brand new Strymon Class A JFET preamp, making every pedal sound better right from the outset.
  • A new state-of the-art 520MHz ARM processor to provide massive DSP headroom for seamless processing and improved audio quality