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Strymon Deco V2
Strymon Deco V2
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Strymon Deco V2

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Strymon Deco gives you a selection of special effects originally made with tape recorders starting from the 1950's onwards. These effects were created using two tape decks and delaying them in relation to each other. Another side to this pedal is the tape saturation, which gives you the sound of tape overdriving. New V2 version has a host of updates in sound and technology.

  • Controls:
    Saturation: Sets the amount of tape saturation, dynamic compression and overdrive.
    Sets output volume level for Saturation side.
    Tone: New control for V2, tone control for the saturation side.
    Lag Time: Sets delay between two tape decks and gives you different delay-based sound effects. At 7-12 o'clock there is a short delay that gives you tape flange sounds (also through-zero sounds where the signals ahead and after change places). At 12-2 o'clock you will get tape chorus. At 2-3 o'clock slapback delay and at 3-5 o'clock tape delay. Maximum delay 500 ms. Produces one repeat (except two repeats when Type switch is at Bounce position).
    Wobble: Adds a random speed modulation element to deck 2.
    Blend: Sets the mix between decks 1 and 2. 50/50 level is at 12 o'clock. At 7 o'clock you will hear only deck 1 and at 5 o'clock only deck 2.
    Voice switch: New control for V2. ‘Classic' provides the original Deco style tape saturation, while ‘Cassette' adds Auto Level Control (variable compression) as found on vintage high-end triple-head cassette decks.
    Type switch: 3-position switch that affects the phasing and low frequency repeats.
    Bypass switches for Saturation and Doubletracker sides.
    Stereo in (TRS) and Stereo Outputs.
    Expression pedal input (Can be assigned to control any parameter).
  • Hidden controls (are activated when both bypass switches are pressed simultaneously)
    3 db Boost/Cut (under Blend control): Set output volume level to the desired level. Range +/-3 db. Unity Gain at 12 o'clock.ᅠ
    High Trim (Under Saturation control): Decreases the amount of high frequencies towards 5 o'clock.
    Low Trim (Under Volume control): Decreases the amount of low frequencies towards 5 o'clock.
    Auto-Flange Mode (Under Lag Time control): Sets the speed of automatic flanger sound that is activated when the Doubletracker switch is pressed down. You will always have two Doubletracker sounds available: the sound that is generated by the current knob positions and tape flange.
    Wide Stereo Mode (Under Wobble control): When this control is at 1-5 o'clock it send the Deck 1 to Left Out and Deck 2 to Right Out.
  • Power Requirements: 2.1mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. 300 mA. Power supply is provided with the pedal.
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass (user selectable).
  • Made in USA

New features in V2:

  • Full MIDI control, including MIDI clock sync and access to 300 presets via MIDI.
  • USB-C included as standard on each unit for MIDI-over-USB and firmware updates, which allows bi-directional MIDI communication with a single cable using Strymon’s Conduit interface. There will also be free editor/librarian support through the USB connectivity. The editor/librarian software is due to be launched in August 2022.
  • TRS full stereo inputs and a MONO/STEREO input switch on the back of the unit; a major improvement and much more convenient than having to take apart the pedal to change the internal physical jumper position as on the originals
  • All V2 models also now feature a brand new Strymon Class A JFET preamp, making every pedal sound better right from the outset.
  • A new state-of the-art 520MHz ARM processor to provide massive DSP headroom for seamless processing and improved audio quality