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Pyramid Picks (10 pcs)

Pyramid Picks (10 pcs)

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Pyramid picks are of the same high quality as the Pyramid strings ​​- they are made in the same city as the Pyramid strings ​​are made, in a small studio that also produces resin in violins. These picks are made with special care only from the best possible celluloid.

These picks are slightly thicker than Fender picks - Thin, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy. These give you the optimum tone and steadiness, producing a clear and beautiful sound. In the USA there are record producers who like this sound so much that they keep up to 100 picks in the studio to give them the players who record.

These are like Pyramid strings ​​- simply better, made by traditional methods of the best possible material with professional skill, no mass production or plastic wraps. In addition, they are the most beautiful plectrums you've seen.

Colors may vary, usually they are:

Thin: pearl blue
Medium: pearl white
Heavy: pearl red
Extra-Heavy: pearl green