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Mad Professor Super Black
Mad Professor Super Black
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Mad Professor Super Black

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Mad Professor Super Black gives you the Blackface-era Fender amp sound in a pedal. The whole circuitry of a vintage Fender amp has been replicated inside the Super Black. Due to this, the Super Black does not just sound like an amp, but also acts like one. The sound range goes from clean mid-scooped clean sound and goes to the overdrive tones you will get when you drive the amps at maximum volumes. The second channel of the pedal features the Sweet Honey Overdrive, the best-selling pedal in the Mad Professor lineup. Channels can be used together or separately.

  • Controls:
    Bass: Sets the amount of low frequencies.
    Middle ja Treble:
    Control the amount of mids and high frequencies in the pedal's preamp section.
    Controls the amount of high frequencies at the pedal's output.
    Gain: Controls the gain of the Blackface side.
    Drive: Controls the gain of the Sweet Honey side.
    Volume x 2: Control the volume levels, independent controls for both channels/sides.
    Bass Cut switch: Full Blackface Fender bass on the left, slightly less bass on the right.
    Compression switch: More compression to the left and less compression and more dynamics o the right.

  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9-16V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 27 mA. Higher voltage gives the pedal more headroom.

  • True Bypass