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JHS Muffuletta Fuzz
JHS Muffuletta Fuzz
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, JHS Muffuletta Fuzz

JHS Muffuletta Fuzz

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JHS Muffuletta Fuzz gives you six Big Muff -inspired analog fuzz and distortion sounds in one package. Five of the most legendary Big Muff versions and JHS' own Big Muff variant are included.

  • Controls:
    Muff selector (lower right control): Chooses the desired Big Muff circuit. Options are:
    1. JHS - 2015: JHS' own version of Big Muff. More power, less compression. Best option for bass.
    2. ‘73 Rams Head - “1973-1977 V2”: Scooped mids, less gain, darker sound. Used by David Gilmour (1970's Pink Floyd recordings).
    3. The Triangle - “1969-1970 V1”: Original Big Muff circuit. Lot of bass and an articulative sound. Used by Santana and Kevin Shields.
    4. The Pi - “1977-1978 V3”: More aggressive sound, used by Billy Corgan, Jack White, Frank Zappa, Jack White, The Edge.
    5. - The Russian - "1999-2009 V8”: Garage-style sound, less clarity and bass than other models. Used by Dan Auerbach.
    6. The Civil War - “1991-1993 V7”: Less mids, clearer sound and less gain. Used by Thurston Moore, John Fogerty, Jeff Tweedy and Peter Buck.
    Volume: Sets output volume level.
    Sustain: Sets the amount of distortion and sustain.
    Tone: Tone control.
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. Under 100 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA