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Empress Effects Echosystem
Empress Effects Echosystem
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Empress Effects Echosystem

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Empress Effects Echosystem is one of the most advanced delay pedals in the market today. 12 main delay types each with many variations bringing the total of different algorithms to 36. You can use two different delay algorithms simultaneously, which gives you a huge range of available sounds.

  • Controls:
    Mode: Chooses the active delay sound(s). Available are the following modes with various submodes available under them:
    1. Digital Delay
    2. Tape Delay
    3. Analog Delay
    4. Multi Delay (Multitap)
    5. Mod Delay
    6. Filter Delay
    7. Ambient Delay
    8. Delay + Reverb
    9. Reverse
    10. Stutter
    11. Lo-Fi Delay
    12. Whisky (The weirdest sounds of the pedal which do not fall into any other category).
    Delay Time/Ratio: Sets the delay time. In most modes the delay length range is 20 ms - 1.2 seconds. You can also set the delay time via the tap footswitch. When you use Tap Tempo, this controls chooses the subdivision for the tap tempo.
    Mix: Sets the mix between dry sound and the delay sound. At 7 o'clock 100% dry sound without delay, at 5 o'clock 100% wet sound with only delays audible.
    Output: Sets output volume level. Unity gain at 12 o'clock.
    Feedback: Sets the nmber of repeats.
    Tone: Controls the tone of the repeats, neutral at 12 o'clock.
    Thing 1 and Thing 2: These controls adjust different settings in different modes. These can be modulation speed and depth, saturation, panning, filter, and reverb controls.
    Scroll switch: Scroll through presets with this footswitch. Activate the desired preset by pressing the Tap switch.
    Engines button: Chooses, if there are one or two delay lines in use. You can also adjust the routing in dual mode with the following options: Dual Parallel, Dual Serial and Left/Right
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. 300 mA.
  • 35 memory locations
  • Built-in cabinet simulator
  • Stereo Ins and Outs
  • MIDI-controllable
  • Expression pedal input
  • Output 2 isolated from output 1 with a transformer. No ground loop hum when using two amps
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass (user selectable).
  • 100% analog dry signal path
  • Firmware updatable via an SD card
  • Made in Canada