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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz
Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz
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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz

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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz is a fuzz which fits into any musical style and environment. Three-transistor fuzz circuit gives you a harmonically rich sound with loads of sustain. Versatile EQ controls and Blend control give the Giygas a lot of range.

  • Controls:
    Loud: Sets output volume level.
    Fuzz: Controls the amount of gain. The sound retains its brightness even at minimum gain settings.
    EQ: Tilt EQ which is neutral at 12 o'clock. Towards 5 o'clock all frequencies over 900 Hz are boosted and lower frequencies are cut. Towards 7 o'clock all frequencies under 900 Hz are boosted and higher frequencies are cut.
    Mids: Active mid boost at 900 Hz. +/-10 db boost/cut.
    Blend: Controls the mix between the dry signal and the distorted signal. At 7 o'clock the sounds is 100% clean (no fuzz) and towards 5 o'clock the fuzz becomes more pronounced. Small amount of clean signal helps to keep the sound more distinctive.
    Guitar/Bass Switch: This switch found inside the pedal lowers the EQ and Mid control's central frequency from 900 Hz to 250 Hz in Bass mode. Factory default is the Guitar mode.
    40 Hz trimpot:
    Trimpot inside the pedal that gives you a +/- 10 db boost or cut at 40 Hz. Factory default is -10 db cut.
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. 18 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA