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Bluetone Atlantis Reverb Combo
Bluetone Atlantis Reverb Combo
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Bluetone Atlantis Reverb Combo

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Bluetone Atlantis Reverb Combo perustuu Gibson EH-185-kytkentään vuodelta 1940. Alkuperäiset vahvistimet ovat todella harvinaisia ja korkean ikänsä vuoksi yleensä huonokuntoisia. Atlantis antaa sinulle autenttisen vintagesoundin modernisti tehtynä, joka tarkoittaa häiriöttömyyttä, kevyttä rakennetta ja monipuolisia ominaisuuksia. Atlantiksessa lisänä alkuperäiseen vahvistimeen jousikaiku, tremolo, sooloboost ja Line Out.

  • Teho: 15-30W pääteputkista riippuen
  • Etuasteputket: 2 x 6SL7, 1 x 6SN7
  • Pääteputket: 2 x 6L6GC (teho näillä putkilla 30 W)
  • Tasasuuntaus: diodeilla
  • Kanavat: 1 kpl high- ja low-sisäänmenoilla
  • Katodibiasoitu pääteaste, joka ei vaadi pääteputkien biasointia niitä vaihdettaessa
  • Ulostulot: Oma kaiutinjakki 8 ohmin kaiuttimelle ja kaksi rinnankytkettyä jakkia yhteensä 4 ohmin kuormalle
  • Jousikaiku
  • Tremolo
  • Solo Boost
  • Line Out sisäisellä keinokuormalla hiljaista äänityskäyttöä varten
  • Kaiutin: 1 x 12" Celestion Neo Creamback 60W 8 ohm
  • Viimeistely: Vox Fawn tolex, siniharmaa etukangas
  • Paino: 11,2 kg
  • Mitat: leveys 50,4 cm, korkeus 46,5 cm, syvyys 20,8 cm ylhäällä, 25,6 cm alhaalla
  • Tehty Suomessa
  • Mukana suojahuppu ja jalkakytkin reverbille, tremololle ja sooloboostille
  • 10 vuoden takuu Bluetonelta

"Guitarists playing anything other than big-band jazz or Western swing tend to approach pre-rock-and-roll tube amps with reservation. We’re often fascinated, and might enjoy a quick play just for interest’s sake, but we don’t expect to find much practical use from the sounds stored inside.

Even a quick blast through a good 1939-’40 Gibson EH-185 comes as a shocker, then; not only usable, but deep, rich, biting, and full of character, this amp is a world-class tone machine, and it works for just about anything short of the extremes of heavy rock and metal. Not that this is news to everyone.

Plenty of major artists have been hip for many years to the prowess of the early EH-185, and even Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age has miked one live on occasion to produce his powerful grind. Hell, it even made Line 6’s modeling menu a couple years ago, and whatever you think of digital amp emulations, that tends to tell you that a vintage classic has arrived… or has already been there. 

The EH-185 was Gibson’s top-of-the line amp during what we might call the first epoch of electrification. It partnered the EH-185 Hawaiian lap-steel guitar, but was also frequently the amp of choice alongside upper-tier, pre-war Electric Spanish guitars such as the ES-250 and ES-350. Charlie Christian played through an EH-185 after jumping up from his ES-150 to an ES-250, as photos of his live performances from the year or two before his death in 1942 indicate (the oblong upper grille of the amp clearly visible behind the guitarist and that beautiful blonde instrument). In addition to the classic lithe, lively, melodic Christian runs, live and studio recordings from the time exhibit a meaty yet clear tone, one with boatloads of body, all characteristics of the mighty EH-185. The greater surprise comes, though, when you crank one up a little higher than Charlie was generally allowed on the bandstand, and attack it with some resoundingly post-war chops, via a biting solidbody. This amp can sing extremely sweetly, with a tone that goes far beyond vintage blues and swing to sit well in the mix for indie, grunge, alt-rock, and so many other contemporary styles."

- Vintage Guitar Magazine