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BJFE ODS 34 5-Knob

BJFE ODS 34 5-Knob

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BJFE ODS 34 is based on the overdrive sounds of Dumble amplifiers. ODS34 is like a Dumble Overdrive Special equipped with EL34 power tubes, giving it a bit more rock n' roll edge.


  • Volume: Sets output volume level
  • Drive: sets sustain and depth of distortion
  • Body: sets at what degree bass and low mids are distorted.
  • Edge: sets distortion on one stage and in doing that allows smooth
    sounds CCW and ragged at CW and somewhere around noon (depending on guitar, player etc.) a pivot point can be set to with the pick of the
    hands change sound from smooth to ragged and sound level stays the same due to the compression generated by the gain.
  • Treble: Controls the amount of high frequencies
  • Handmade in Sweden by Björn Juhl