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Services and Repairs


What types of work do you take on?

    • Basic guitar servicing
    • Guitar setup
    • Pickup swapping
    • Fret-levelling and top nut jobs
    • Tube amplifier servicing

What does a basic guitar service cost?

    • Fender and Gibson style electrics, acoustic guitars, basses: 67 €
    • Floyd Rose-equipped guitars: 77 €.

What is included in the basic guitar service?

    • Overall cleaning of the instrument, and oiling of the fretboard
    • Inspection for loose components (tuners, strap buttons, controls, switches, jack plate, etc.)
    • String change
    • Truss rod and string action adjustments
    • Intonation adjustment
    • Inspection for damaged top nut or bridge saddles
    • Basic check and cleanup of electronic components
    • String lubrication with graphite (at nut, bridge, and string tree).

How long does the basic guitar service take?

    • Usually about 1 week. Fretwork takes 2 weeks. 

What other guitar-related work do you do? What are the prices?

    • Basic electronic work 76 € per hour (plus any spare parts). – Examples: pickup swapping for a tele/strat/Les Paul 76 €, Changing a pot, jack or a pickup selector 35 € (for one of these operations).
    • Rounding the fret ends: 60 €
    • Fret stoning and crowning: 152 €
    • Refret: 310 € (for a bound-neck guitar 350 €), includes fret materials.
    • New top nut (depending on chosen material): 90-100 €
    • New bridge saddle, acoustic guitar, including compensation: 100 €

How long do amp repairs take? What are the prices?

    • A regular amplifier servicing (or repair) job will take us 1-2 weeks.
    • Pricing: 60 € per hour (plus any spare parts)