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ZVex Sonar Vexter
ZVex Sonar Vexter
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ZVex Sonar Vexter

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ZVex Sonar Vexter gives you a tremolo effect with tap tempo and unique additional features. Designed to work with high-gain sounds, complete silece during the silent parts of tremolo cycle.

  • Controls:
    Volume: Sets effect volume. At 5 o'clock volume is slightly above unity gain. If you want more volume, there is a trim pot inside the pedal to raise it more.
    Sets tremolo speed manually.
    Attack (hidden control of Speed knob): Keep Tap switch down for one second (until yellow light starts to blink) and you gain access to hidden extra controls. Keep Tap switch down for the duration of adjustment.
    You can change tremolo's attack, meaning how quickly it reaches maximum volume.
    Duty: Set the duration of peak audio, how long the tremolo is at maximum volume.
    Release (hidden control of Duty knob): Sets how quickly tremolo volume goes down.
    Delta: Sets how quickly tremolo gets faster or slower when you push Arrow Up/Down switch.
    Depth: (hidden control of Delta knob): Sets minimum volume level for silent parts of the tremolo cycle.
    Clean/Machine switch: In Clean position the sound is clean, in Machine position there is an added heavy distortion based on ZVex's Machine pedal.
    1/2/4 switch:
    Sets tap tempo speed. 1 gives you the same exact tempo you tapped, 2 doubles it, 4 quadruples the speed.
    Arrow Up/Down switch: Push left for tremolo to get slower, push right for tremolo to get faster.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 10 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in Taiwan