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Source Audio Ventris Reverb
Source Audio Ventris Reverb
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Source Audio Ventris Reverb

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Source Audio Ventris Reverb gives you two powerful reverb processors in one package. You can have two different reverb modes active at the same time. There is enough processing power for more authentic modelling of traditional reverb sounds as well as creating unique new sounds. There are twelve different reverb modes inside the pedal and you can find more through the Neuro App (available for Android and iOS).

  • Controls and features:
    Mode: The big control in the middle chooses the reverb type. Options are: Room, Hall L, E-Dome (Enormo-Dome), True Spring, Plate, Lo-Fi, Mod-Verb, Shimmer, Echo-Verb (reverb and delay), Swell, Offspring, Reverse.
    Time: Controls the length of reverb.
    Mix: Controls the mix between dry and effected signals Range from 100% dry to 100€ wet.
    Pre-Delay: Controls the delay which occurs before the reverb sound begins.
    Treble: Conrols the tone of the reverb.
    Control 1 and 2: These controls adjust different features in different model. You can find more information from the manual.
    AB switch: With this switch you can choose if you use processor A or B, or both at the same time, when you can run two different sounds simultaneously.
    Option Footswitch: The footswitch on the right can be programmed to different functions, for example scrolling through presets, Reverb Hold, Runaway Reverb, Tap Tempo, etc.
  • More controls can be found through the Neuro app.
  • Presets: You can access eight presets through the pedal directly, and 128 presets through the Neuro app and MIDI Pääset suoraan Ventris Reverbin hardwaren kautta käsiksi kahdeksaan muistipaikkaan ja niihin tallentamiseen. Täydet 128 muistipaikkaa ovat käytössäsi Neuro-applikaation tai MIDIn kautta.
  • Stereo inputs and output
  • MIDI in and out:Ventris Reverb is fully MIDI programmable and receives PC and CC commands.
  • Expression pedal input: You can control any of the controls or a combination of them with an expression pedal.
  • Spillover Function for changing seamlessly between reverb sounds / presets.
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply, 280 mA. Power supply included.
  • Buffered Bypass or True Bypass (user selectable)
  • Designed in USA, made in China