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Meris Polymoon Delay
Meris Polymoon Delay
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Meris Polymoon Delay

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Meris Polymoon Delay does not sound like any other delay pedal. The inspiration has been cascaded rack delays used in series. Tap Tempo, stereo inputs and outputs, great expression and MIDI features. Input adjustable for instrument and line levels. Meris is a new company founded by Terry Burton, who was one of the founders of Strymon.

  • Controls and features:
    Time: Adjusts delay length (if you do not use tap tempo) and synchronized phaser. Alt function (which you can adjust when you keep the Alt button pressed): Early Modulation.
    Feedback: Controls the amount of repeats. Alt function: Feedback Filter.
    Mix: Sets the mix between dry and effected signals. Alt function: Delay Level.
    Multiply: Controls the different delay rhythms, six different rhythms available. Alt function: Late Modulation.
    Dimension: Adjusts the amount of space in the repeats. Brings in reflections to the repeats. Alt functions: Dynamic Flanger Mode.
    Dynamics: Adjusts the strength of dynamic flanger Flanger is off at 7 o'clock. Alt function: Dynamic Flanger Speed.
    Right small button: Press this button down to choose the phaser. Options are: Slow, Sync and Slow+Sync.
    Alt (Hold) button: Keep this button pressed down to adjust the Alt functions.
    Tap Tempo switch: Adjusts delay tempo. One press configures 1/4 tempo you have set to dotted 1/8. Keep this pressed down to activate Half Speed Delay.
    Bypass switch: When you keep this switch pressed down, it activates the Dynamic Flanger Feedback feature, which adds negative feedback to the dynamic flanger.
  • Expression pedal can control any setting or a combination of them. Just save expession pedal up and down settings, you can adjust many things at once.
  • Kill Dry feature
  • Instrument or line level input level (configurable)
  • True Bypass or buffered bypass (configurable)
  • 24-bit A/D D/A, 32-bit floating point.
  • Wide MIDI features
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. 150 mA.
  • Made in USA