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Mad Professor Double Moon
Mad Professor Double Moon
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Mad Professor Double Moon

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Mad Professor Double Moon gives you 11 different analog modulation sounds in a small form factor. Double Moon has three different chorus sounds, three double chorus sounds, three flanger sounds, a flanger+chorus mode and vibrato. With the help of Tone control you can control the tonal color of the modulation.

  • Controls:
    Mode: Chooses the modulation sound in use. 11 different options to choose from:
    C1: Mild chorus
    C2: Classic dream-like chorus sound
    C3: Tasteful soft chorus, which also works as a Leslie simulation af faster settings
    DC1: Boss DC-2 Dimension C sound, two chorus lines 180 degrees out of phase
    DC2: Second DC-2 setting, two chorus lines 120 degrees out of phase
    DC3: Third DC-2 setting, two chorus lines are modulated at different speeds
    F1: Flanger sound with short delay time
    F2: Flanger sound with a longer delay time (which results in stronger effect)
    DF: Dual Flanger
    FC: Flanger and chorus in parallel
    V: Vibrato
    Speed: Controls modulation speed.
    Depth: Controls modulation and effect depth.
    Tone: Sets the amount of high frequencies.
    Control: Controls different features in different modes, fox example the following: Modulation waveshape, regen or speed difference between choruses.
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9-12 V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 85 mA. Power supply use recommended as a battery only lasts about 2-3 hours due to high current consumption.
  • True Bypass