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JHS Bonsai Overdrive
JHS Bonsai Overdrive
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JHS Bonsai Overdrive

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JHS Bonsai Overdrive gives you nine different Tube Screamer circuits in one package. Includes the classic and some hard-to-find versions of the TS circuitry, starting from the Original TS-808 and ending up with JHS' own TS mod.

  • Controls:
    Version Selector: This switch chooses the Tube Screamer circuitry in use. Options are:
    OD-1 (1977): Boss OD-1 is the grandfather of the Tube Screamer. Brighter and higher gain with asymmetrical clipping. Tone control is deactivated on this setting.
    TS-808 (1979): Classic low-gain overdrive sound with pronounced midrange.
    TS-9 (1982): Almost identical with TS-808 but with more low mids.
    MSL/Power/L-series (1985): More gain and bass than in the earlier versions.
    TS-10 (1986): Upgrade of the TS-9, made famous by John Mayer. Good sound for blues, crisp, low-gain.
    Exar OD-1 (1989): Exar was a Polish company who produced a TS-style overdrive in the late-1980's. A little less gain than traditional Tube Screamers and a more transparent sound.
    TS-7 + Mode (1999): The most high-gain sound you will find from Bonsai. More bass and drive, good for heavy playing.
    Keeley Mod Plus (2002): Robert Keeley's classic mod tightens the tone and gives you softer mid and high frequencies and pronounced low frequencies.
    JHS Strong Mod (2008): JHS' own TS-mod which they have done since 2008. Cleaner and a more powerful sound.
    Volume: Sets output volume level.
    Drive: Controls the amount of overdrive/gain.
    Tone: Tone control for the pedal.
  • Power Requirements: 2,1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. 100 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA