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Earthquaker Devices Pyramids Flanger
Earthquaker Devices Pyramids Flanger
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Earthquaker Devices Pyramids Flanger

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Earthquaker Devices Pyramids gives you a stereo flanger with eight different flanger modes, five memory slots, tap tempo and a host of other features. One of the most versatile flanger pedals ever. Capable of traditional flanging sounds as well as sounds never heard pedal before.

  • Controls and Features:
    Mode: Chooses the flanger type. Options are: Classic, Through-Zero, Barber Pole Up, Barber Pole Down, Trigger Up, Trigger Down, Step, Random.
    Presets: Chooses between a Live mode (ie. the sound dialed in at the moment) and five preset locations.
    Manual: Controls the delay time of the modulated signal. At around 7 o'clock the delay time is shorter and the flanging sound is brighter. Towards 5 o'clock the delay times gets longer and the flanger sound goes lower. This parameter can also be controlled with an expression pedal.
    Rate: Controls LFO speed as well as rise/fall speed in Trigger Up and Trigger Down modes.
    Width: Sets the frequency range for the LFO sweep, ie. the depth control for the LFO.
    Mix: Volume control for the modulated signal. Modulation becomes more prominent towards 5 o'clock.
    Feeback: Sets how much of the modulated signal is being fed back to the pedal input. At 12 o'clock there is no feedback. Towards 5 o'clock you will get positive feedback, which creates a jet engine effect. Towards 7 o'clock you will get negative feedback, which makes the sound more hollow.
    Modify: This control adjusts different things in different modes. Please see the manual for more information.
    Rate&Tap: Sets the relation between modulation speed and tap tempo. In the middle position (Normal) the modulation speed is exactly the same as what you have tapped in. To the left (Slow) the tempo is half of the tapped in tempo. To the right (Fast) the tempo is doubled.
    Tap/Trigger switch: This footswitch works as a tap tempo switch in the following modes: Classic, Through-Zero, Barber Pole Up, Barber Pole Down, Step and Random. In Trigger Up and Trigger Down modes the switch activates the effect when it's pressed down.
    Expression pedal input: Connect your expression pedal to this input. Controls the Manual setting. When you have an expression pedal connected, the Manual potentiometer is bypassed.
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Effect circuitry is digital, dry signal is kept 100% analog.
  • The Bypass switch of the pedal works in two ways. It works as a regular latching switch when you press the switch once to turn the pedal on or off. If you want to use the pedal in momentary style, keep the footswitch pressed down as long as you want the effect to be active and release it when you want the effect to be bypassed.
  • True Bypass
  • Power Requirements: 2.1 mm 9V DC centre negative power supply, 425 mA. Power supply included with the pedal.
  • Made in USA