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Darkglass Microtubes Vintage Bass Overdrive

Darkglass Microtubes Vintage Bass Overdrive

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Darkglass Microtubes Vintage gives you a warm, tube-like bass overdrive sound that compresses like old tube amps and reel-to-reel recorders.

  • Controls:
    Sets output volume level.
    Sets the amount of saturation/overdrive.
    Mixes clean signal into the fuzz signal. Clean sound always stays at unity gain, whereas the volume of the fuzz is determined by the Level control.
    Era: Defines the overdrive character along with the Drive control. At 7 o'clock you will get warm, mid-rich tones of the 1970's. Towards 5 o'clock the sound gets more alike 1980's and 1990's metal bass sounds.
  • Power requirements: 2.1mm 9V DC centre negative power supply. 20 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in Finland