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Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo

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Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo gives you the sound of Maestro Echoplex EP-3 tape echo in a compact pedal form. Belle Epoch has an unique preamp that sounds just like the legendary preamp of EP-3.

  • Controls:
    Echo Sustain: Defines the number of repeats, from one repeat to infinite oscillating repeats.
    Mod: Sets the amount of wow and flutter in the sound. A real tape echo-like sound is at 9-10 o'clock.
    Rec Lev: Sets the tone andᅠ volume of first repeat. At around 7 o'clock the first repeat is light, silent and airy. Towards 5 o'clock the first repeat gets louder, thicker and slightly distorted.
    Mix: Sets the relationship/mix of dry and wet signal. At 7 o'clock the signal is 100% dry, at 5 o'clock 100% wet.
    Echo Delay: Sets the delay time, 80ms-800ms. Can be changed in real time.
    Gain (inside the pedal): This trimmer controls preamp gain. Factory setup is at unity gain. If you raise the gain, you'll get a fuzzy boost from this pedal.
    Buffer/True Bypass (inside the pedal): Belle Epoch is factory set to True Bypass. In Buffer mode the preamp is on even though the delay itself is off.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9-18VDC centre negative power supply, 61 mA. No battery option.
  • True Bypass or preamp always on (user selectable)
  • Made in USA